Thursday, 7 May 2009


Thank you for reading my post, this is my first blog so I am going to introduce myself. I am from Macau which is a small city in China and we are a hour by ferry from Hong Kong. Before the handover to China in 1999, we are governed by the Portuguese. I had decided to name my etsy supply shop as MissMacau since I think it is quite catchy and I think it will also help to introduce this lovely city to others. I think since after a lot of Vegas styles casinos had open their doors to business here in Macau, people from other countries tend to notice more of this small city. When I was studying in a boarding school in Hertsforshire UK, my classmates often asked me where I'm from and when I tell them I'm from Macau they will not know where it is.

I love selling in etsy! I have two shops there: for supplies and all kawaii stuffs please have a look at and if you love handcuts, die cuts and papercuts please have a look at I obsessively check how many views I have on each item. (Anyone else do that...or is it just me...) And then peek to see if someone has marked me as a favorite....

My favourite kawaii character is Kamio's Mr Banao the elite banana and how about you?

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