Sunday, 28 June 2009

Today one of my Gothic Crown Transparent deco tape has been selected to be featured in the "Devilish Detash" section of Creepy Queen!! Check it out!
Thank you so much Creepy Queen!!!!

Friday, 5 June 2009

Decorative Tapes

These few weeks had been very busy for me as I had just got delivery from my decorative tapes supplier. I got all sort of decorative tapes in etsy so if you have time please have a look. I am going to have some new Japanese cabochons in soon, they are so cute they are great for making all sort of super cute jewelries! However the Japanese loved to use them to adorned all their mirrors, mobiles, boxes and even finger nails!!! They are also very popular here in Macao!!! I will upload some photos to show you guys.

Will you decorate your mobile like that?

That's all for now and you guys take care!!!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Discount Code for Doody Any Year Planner

Kawaii Doody Any Year Slim Diary / Journal Mini Planner - Beautiful Day

This any-year journal/planner comes with illustrated pages. The drawings are pretty and clean, illustrator is famous for her impressive color sense and her very pretty fairy like girls. With its compact size and a nice vinyl cover, it can easily fit in your purse. It's a wonderful addition to your stationery collection.
These are perfect for scrap booking, planning your new project or any project you can think of!

The discount code for these stickers is JPS-20% . That means you will get 20% off the price of the planner (not the shipping). The shipping price still applies. Please put the code JPS-20% in the "message to seller" section and I will refund you the 20% via paypal offer ends on 31-05-2009.

Thursday, 7 May 2009


Thank you for reading my post, this is my first blog so I am going to introduce myself. I am from Macau which is a small city in China and we are a hour by ferry from Hong Kong. Before the handover to China in 1999, we are governed by the Portuguese. I had decided to name my etsy supply shop as MissMacau since I think it is quite catchy and I think it will also help to introduce this lovely city to others. I think since after a lot of Vegas styles casinos had open their doors to business here in Macau, people from other countries tend to notice more of this small city. When I was studying in a boarding school in Hertsforshire UK, my classmates often asked me where I'm from and when I tell them I'm from Macau they will not know where it is.

I love selling in etsy! I have two shops there: for supplies and all kawaii stuffs please have a look at and if you love handcuts, die cuts and papercuts please have a look at I obsessively check how many views I have on each item. (Anyone else do that...or is it just me...) And then peek to see if someone has marked me as a favorite....

My favourite kawaii character is Kamio's Mr Banao the elite banana and how about you?